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It only takes a few minutes to fill out the Malaysia visa form. Applicants only need to answer a few simple questions and pay the fee. Applications are usually processed within 1 business day. Approved eVisa will be emailed to applicants.

What is Malaysian eVisa?

Malaysia E-Visa is an electronic visa which is available completely online and allows the holder to stay in Malaysia for 30 days. This is an online entry visa which remains valid for 90 days (three months) from the date of issue and allows all eligible travellers to make short term tourist visits to Malaysia.

- Mandatory Guidelines for eVisa

To apply, travellers must have a valid passport for at least 6 months. They can start filling out the online application form on our website or contact our expert for the same.

Online e-Visa application only takes a few minutes and can be done from home or anywhere. The average Malaysian eVisa processing time is only 68 hours with our service!

- Entry Ports for Malaysia

Malaysia e-Tourist visa guarantees your right to enter the country from all the major entry points.

Countries Eligible for the Malaysia Visa

Nationals of the countries that can apply for eVisa for Malaysia are listed here.

Malaysia Tourist Visa Information

- The Malaysia eVisa is an online visa, introduced in January 2016, which allows citizens of eligible countries a short stay in Malaysia for tourism purposes.

- The Malaysian Immigration Department implemented the Malaysia eVisa online in order to facilitate the process of applying for a tourist visa for Malaysia, eliminating the need to apply at an embassy or consulate.

- The Malaysia visa online allows the holder to spend up to 30 days in Malaysia. The eVisa Malaysia is a single entry visa and valid for 90 days to enter Malaysia from the moment of approval.

- Eligible citizens are able to complete the simple Malaysia eVisa application online with personal and passport information to receive an approved Malaysia tourist visa via email.

- Those who apply for the Malaysia online visa and receive an approved eVisa are able to enter and exit Malaysia through any point of entry in the country.

- Travelers planning to spend more than 30 consecutive days in the country, must contact their nearest Malaysian Embassy or Consulate for further information.


  • Single entry online visa
  • Spend 30 days in Malaysia
  • Valid for 90 days from approval
  • For tourism purposes
  • Can be used at any port of entry in Malaysia


  • How many days can I stay in Malaysia with eVisa

    You can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days. If you exceed the length of stay of more than 30 days, you may be subject to administrative sanctions and barred from entering Malaysia for a certain period of time.

  • How to walk to Malaysia with children?

    If you are traveling with a minor, you can show this on your visa application. You must provide a copy of the child's birth certificate to prove the parent-child relationship.

  • What are the visa requirements for Malaysia?

    A Malaysian Tourist Visa is also known as an Unreferenced Visa or VTR. All foreign visitors entering Malaysia will be granted a pass at the entry point announced in the Bulletin.

  • How long does it take to process a Malaysian tourist visa?

    The average processing time for your Malaysia tourist visa is between 4 and 8 business days. However, your eVisa will be processed within 48 to 72 hours if you choose to apply online.

  • How long does it take to receive a Visa Approval Letter (VAL)?

    It will take 14 business days after receiving the complete application and payment. Since the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is issued by the Immigration Service, 14 working days is at the discretion of the Immigration Service.

  • Do I need to apply for a new eVisa if my travel date changes and the new date is within 3 months?

    Yes, you need to reapply for a new e-Visa because your visa is only valid for 3 months from the date of visa issuance by the Malaysian Immigration Department.